Muzeul Etnografic Singerei

Restoring our Sângerei museum.


Our project aims to reactivate the site’s historical museum in Sîngerei, a center of excellence, with an emphasis on traditional architecture, crafts and visual arts.
We intend to create an authentic urban space, where the town can host recreation and socializing, have outdoor film screenings and a street library. The museum will be an offline space.

The project also includes the creation of a traditional pottery school in addition to the museum, thus saving a tradition that has been in Moldova for hundreds of years. This pottery school will create new generations of potters and enhance the value of the museum by introducing active components that complement the artifacts within the museum.
The Museum building is made of brick, wood with a tile roof using tiles manufactured in Lugoj, Romania. The museum is the centerpiece of an architectural ensemble, with annex building and open space on three of the sides of the museum complex, built during the 1930s, this building was designed by Twentieth century by Romanian authorities.

The proposed project will rehabilitate the existing historical building.

Interior finishes will include paintings with historical basis, special monuments and plaster fresco; wood floors and stone tiles. The exhibition halls will be repaired in the spirit of the time, using materials that reflect community life chronologically. Exterior finishes include repair to the exterior masonry, including the facade.

Restoring the Museum garden square is an important element, it constitutes the entire route of visiting the museum complex.

We will install benches (6), lamps (4) and bins (8). There will be rehabilitated urban streets and functional decor elements – a street library, a small grandstand stage and decorative perennial plants.
Also, the project will have arranged parking, which lies in the northern part of the park area across from the museum and is positioned near the gateway to the complex.

Please help us preserve our national history!


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